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Questions & Answers

What are your Tags made from?

All of our tags are made from Stainless Steel. This metal has properties that allow us to achieve various colors by heating it to specific temperatures, causing oxidation.

Do the colors last?

The colored layer on the Stainless tags is very thin but is still quite durable. We can't expect them to last forever, which is why we price our tags accordingly and also offer a $10 replacement for all of our tags.

Why is there no GST?

We are a small home-based business, and until we are required to collect GST, we will pass on the savings.

How big of an object can you engrave?

Our primary Laser is a Fiber Laser that is optimized for metal engraving and can engrave up to 30mm x 30mm. If the engraving can be broken into sections, we can potentially engrave it. Just contact us to find out!

What if I like a design but not the Tag style?

Just let us know, and we can send you a list of our current tags and sizes. We can also add a new design to the store that meets your needs and, hopefully, the needs of others.

How do you ship your Tags and Wearables?

We ship our products with standard letter services to keep costs low and allow us to ship for free in Canada. If you want tracking or expedited shipping you can choose it when you checkout.

What if I want to get a custom tumbler engraved?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when engraving tumblers. The more you know what you want for a design the easier and cheaper the process will be. We are also open to artistic requests where you can provide key elements and we can create something unique. It all starts with a conversation so reach out to us!

Do you do engravings for weddings and events?

From personalized flasks, watches, or even axes (who am I to judge!) for the groom's side, to customized wine tumblers, wood hair brushes, or engraved rings for the bride's, we will work with you to make your day and event perfect!

What materials can you engrave?

We currently have two lasers. One is our Fiber laser that primarily used on metal and some stones. Our second is a Diode laser that we utilize for wood, stone, and leather. If you have a material not listed just let us know, as we like the opportunity to shoot lasers at anything!

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