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The Heart & Craft Behind

Hello and welcome! I'm Aaron, the hands and heart behind A-A-RON ENGRAVED. While the name might remind you of the humorous "Substitute Teach Skit," there's a deeper story here. With over two decades in the Technology Sector, I've mastered the nuances of graphics, software optimization, and precision tasks. But my true passion? Bringing art to life through engraving.

Nestled in the comfort of our family home, A-A-RON ENGRAVED is more than just a business; it's a family-run endeavor. Every piece we create is infused with the warmth of our home and the love we have for each other and our furry family members. Speaking of which, our household is a lively mix of two playful dogs, three mischievous cats, and a revolving door of foster animals that we care for whenever we can. Our love for animals deeply influences our work, making each piece even more special.

Being a home-based business allows me to pour personal care and attention into every engraving. Whether it's a custom pet tag, a commemorative piece, or anything in between, I ensure that it reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and the values we hold dear.

Beyond the art of engraving, the foundation in IT and graphics ensures a perfect blend of technology and creativity in every piece. And while our tools are state-of-the-art, our approach is hands-on, personal, and always with a touch of family warmth.

If you're seeking engravings that resonate with precision, passion, and a personal touch, you've found the right place. Reach out, and let's craft memories together, one engraving at a time.

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